The Best Easy Chana Masala Recipe

I could eat Chana Masala for lunch every day and never tire of it but usually, I’m ordering it out rather than making it myself.  Thanks to this simple and delicious recipe by Minimalist Baker (Dana), I now have a go to version to make at home without sacrificing taste or spending too much time in the kitchen.  It really is the best easy Chana Masala recipe I’ve come across.  Not to mention it’s a lot less expensive than ordering take-out.


Dana’s recipe inspired my new obsession with my hefty marble mortar & pestle, a gift from my mom who is a pharmacist by trade.  There’s just something super satisfying about mashing and grinding up herbs and spices by hand.  Maybe it’s a stress buster or maybe it’s just that the fresh scent is so incredible.  I definitely plan to do this more often.

chana masala 1

All the herbs & spices in this dish are full of anti-oxidants and goodness for your body and it’s a high protein dish to boot.  A great vegan or plant-based recipe to add to your weeknight dinner arsenal.

CM3 med

Check out Minimalist Baker’s recipe here.

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